About Us

Last updated 6/4/22

Lifeline Northern Beaches Online Shop was created to share our retail philosophy without having to visit one of our stores. As a not-for-profit organisation we provide support to Australians of all walks of life with our 24/7 telephone line (13 11 14) and our Community Support Programs. As a retail team we receive fashion and goods generously donated by the public and resell these items to generate funds to support Lifeline Northern Beaches. With nine stores across the Northern Beaches of Sydney we are known for fresh and stylish retail environments stocking carefully curated collections of pre-loved goods. We want to share the fun we have and the purpose that unites us with as many people as possible.

Why shop with us?

Great prices – our pricing is calculated on approximately 30% of the last active retail price for a similar item. That’s great value and often considerably less than other second hand online retailers.

Your Own Style – the number of unique items that we have enables you to pull together your own looks true to your own style. Our colour palette and size filter options mean that you can zero in on stock that fits you and will coordinate together within seconds – leaving you free to shop quickly and successfully.

Conscious Consumption – after decades of over-consumption and the widespread environmental impact of fast fashion we are left wondering: what can I do? You can make a difference in your everyday life by incorporating an ever-increasing level of second-hand goods into your shopping habits. This is slow shopping at its best and you never know what you will find!

What can you do?

Shop with us – the more active our fan base, the more successful we are and, in turn, the more money we raise. Shop knowing that you are directly supporting a team who provide crisis support to all Australians by phone (13 11 14) or through Community Support Programs. Our Mission is to achieve an Australia free of suicide – you can help us achieve this.

Share the love – if you like what you see please tell your family and friends and get them on board too.   Share the love on your social media. If we don’t get something quite right, please email us and explain kindly what went wrong. We are here for all the right reasons and appreciate opportunities to evolve and improve.

Donate goods for sale – unlike some second-hand online retailers we don’t offer consignment or credit for donated goods.  We are constantly delighted by the generosity of our donors – it must the warm buzz they get from helping us to help the community. If you would like to donate quality second-hand goods then please refer to our list of stores to locate the store nearest to you in Sydney. We are not offering postage donation collection at this time due to the financial burden it would place on us.

Share in the fun and join our journey as we create a sustainable fashion and homewares hub you can shop wherever and whenever it suits you.